Over 50 seasons of Manchester United home and away football match programmes for sale here. Content includes most League and premiership programmes, FA Cup final and semi-finals, League Cup finals and semi-finals - plus some European Cup, Fairs Cup matches and Champions League matches that Man U have featured in - and we have some additional non-Man United programmes and general sports memorabilia too!

Historic, collectable and interesting - Man U fans just love bygone Man United memorabilia, especially old football match programmes.


Old Manchester United match programmes make great gifts for fans as well as worthwhile collectibles. 



Here you will find historic match programmes, search for the match that they missed, or the match on their birthday etc and you could give them a unique, highly collectable gift. 

OUR unique football collectables shop is packed with a lifetime collection of Man Utd football match programmes dating back to the mid 1950's. Even if you support other Premiership teams there is a good chance that we will have a programme of when your team played Man U in the season you are looking for.

 We have many of the key matches against Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal, West Brom, Chelsea and overseas clubs too. In addition there are  FA Cup Final and League Cup Final, FA Cup semi-final and League Cup semi-final programmes plus some European match and Champions League programmes.

The collection has been cared for, stored flat and protected. As a result most of the football programmes are in good, very good or excellent condition.  We believe our prices are the cheapest available - have a browse and compare.

Geoff B - Man U supporter man & boy!

PS : Looking for a particular Man Utd programme that you can't find on the site? Contact us and we will sell from stock if we have it, before we put it on the site! Likewise, as we have to price P&P for every program, if you are looking to buy more than 5 at any one time, just email us with your requirements and we will ensure that your P&P is as competitive as possible

Contact us directly at  carolebroster@btinternet.com and we will get back to you asap.